Memory Fine Art by Cherie Rodgers
Please feel free to call me with questions. I will never pressure you!

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Here is my basic Price Structure. More extensive information about my artwork and photo services can be found below.
Pricing for Commissioned Artwork
*** Prices start at $400 for a 30" by 22" artwork. I also work in smaller sizes and larger sizes up to approximately 5' by 5'.
Pricing for Photo Restoration and Cataloging/Storage
*** $45 per hour, for scanning, digitizing, retouching, restoration, cataloging and storing photos on DVDs (or client-supplied hard-drive). You are not required to use all of these services; for example, you may request photo restoration only, or any combination of services.
Pricing for Digital Photo Memory Books
*** $45 per hour for creation of a custom photo book using your photos. (Price does not include cost of printing book(s), which generally runs about $1 per page. This is not a firm quote of printing costs. I do not mark up printing costs or make a profit on the cost of printing.) You may supply me with photo hard-copies or photos on DVD or other digital storage device. Digital photos should be in JPEG format. If you provide hard-copy photos, I will scan them in order to use them in your book.
*** Custom Fine Art

If you've checked out my portfolio, you'll have a sense of my work, and what I might be able to do to create your dream piece. Before I start work on a commission, I will ask you a lot of questions to get a sense of the people and place(s) in your photos, and the style of piece you would like. Please call me with any other questions!

*** Photo Scanning, Restoration and Storage

I individually scan each photo, and will scan in actual size and larger sizes, in case you wish to have enlargements made in the future, maintaining the original crispness of the photo. I will also scan at various resolutions, to allow for different uses of the photos.

After scanning, if you desire, I will retouch or restore the photos, and will deliver a disc containing the photos in their original and retouched states, to give you maximum flexibility. Your original photos are returned unharmed. See my Photo Restoration Portfolio to see the types of restorations possible.

*** Customized, Professionally-Printed Photo Memory Books

Memory Books of your photos (with text, if you desire), make great coffee table books and incredible gifts, and are beautiful ways to commemorate weddings, graduations, anniversaries, vacations, the birth of a child, or any other event. Or just use them to collect special photos together in one lovely place. Your book is custom-built to reflect your tastes in style, color and format. After I build your book, it is sent to be printed - you may order as many copies as you wish, and may reorder copies in the future if you desire. To see a sample, click on "Links" and click the first link to see a book I made.